Go one-on-one with some of the most experienced trainers in the business. Our personal trainers represent a diverse wealth of knowledge ranging from professional athletes to exercise physiologists. We are dedicated to help you succeed. Our trainers will lead you through every step of your total body transformation. section-bg-2




We take into consideration everything from your unique biological needs to your overall fitness goals to create a personalized program exclusively for you. Let our experts design an individualized plan guaranteed to make you succeed.

  • Advanced Fitness Evaluation
  • Individualized Training Programs
  • Expert Recovery Treatments



Fuel your body with meal plans to complement your unique physiological needs and specific training goals. Created by our dietitians and fitness experts and based on your unique testing data, our nutrition planning programs ensure that your body has the proper fuel to achieve your personal goals.


Long distance coaching

We stay connected one-on-one with our clients and keep them motivated using tools like Skype and Webinar sessions. We make it easier for clients to continue with their programs even while traveling or away from our facility.

COMPLETE WELLNESS At the Intersection of Sports and Medicine

Athletic conditioning, diagnostic tools, injury prevention and recovery, and specialized treatments, all under one roof. Our sports medicine program provides total support for our executive members, with customized workouts and recovery treatments informed by advanced medical evaluation and diagnostic tools.

Total Fitness Evaluation

Train smarter with advanced fitness evaluation tools capable of measuring strength, cardiovascular endurance, power, body composition, and more.


Use our recovery tools to replenish fatigued muscles and joints. Our experienced team of chiropractors, massage therapists, and medical professionals have the skills to keep your body in peak condition, from one workout to the next.

Advanced Testing

Take the guesswork out of program design, by utilizing important diagnostic information, such as maximum lung capacity, metabolic efficiency, lactate threshold, and more.

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ELITE TRAINING FACILITY Private Training. Serious Results.

It’s not just our training programs. Our entire facility was designed by athletes too, with the mission of creating a state-of-the-art space with the soul of an old-school gym. From top of the line equipment to intimate wellness treatment rooms, Ferrino Sports Fitness Club was created to be the ultimate training destination for professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and everything in between.